Our Service Promise to you:

24 Hours 365 Days

We Provide full year round support services as required

Emergency and Planned Responses

Our Services can be provided at a moments notice throughout the UK

Dedicated Manager Support

All Services are assigned a Dedicated Manager as a Single Point of Contact

Fully Bespoke Service

We will tailor our services to ensure we meet and exceed your specific requirements

Emergency Supervision

UK Care and Secure Transport Services can provide Emergency Support and Supervision Services for young people in difficult situations on behalf of Local Authorities, Children’s Trusts and Residential Placement Centres. Our Teams are available 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. Our Emergency Supervision and Support Services can be provided anywhere in the UK to provide support of a Young Person wherever and whenever required.

At UK Care, we understand that Young Person residential placements can fall through or be changed at a moment’s notice and finding a new placement alternative whilst dealing with an already heightened situation is not quick or easy to achieve. We also understand that sometimes there can be unexpected delays in the residential placement becoming available and this can ultimately make plans fall through. In these and similar such scenarios, UK Care can provide an Emergency Care Team and Property to accommodate the young person whilst keeping them looked after, protected and Safeguarded throughout the whole time.

We can provide these Supervision and Support Services for as little or as long as you need them. We have solutions available whether it be a few hours or days, or maybe even for a longer term placement to support the young person’s Safeguarding and developmental needs. All of these services are provided whilst working closely with the relevant Support Teams and Local Authorities to make any transitions or changes as smooth as possible.

The Young Person is at the heart of what we do, and we believe that all people should be treated with dignity and respect. This is why we have provided our services to many Local Authorities and Children’s Trusts throughout the UK. Our Team Members are fully trained and equipped to be able to handle any given scenario that they face. We take extreme pride in the help and support we provide to young people who have faced challenging situations in their lives, and we are committed to ensuring that we make a positive difference on their lives wherever possible.


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