Vulnerable children

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This article is from The Children’s Commissioner Website, original source found here

Shining a light on the extent and impact of child vulnerability in England, focusing in particular on children with undiagnosed mental health issues, those excluded from mainstream education and children in gangs.

Vulnerability in your local area

Our local area profiles of child vulnerability build on our long-term programme of work on vulnerable children. This data shows, council by council, our latest data on levels of childhood vulnerability.

It provides a way for councils to understand which groups of children are likely to be at risk under lockdown, and how many children in their area fall into those groups. Local authorities can factor this information into their responses to Covid-19. This data also provides a framework for central government to target additional resources at the areas most in need, and to support national policies.

‘Invisible’ children

Our annual childhood vulnerability framework attempts to measure the number of vulnerable children in England by mapping the full range of difficulties a child might be living with, from physical or mental illness, to going hungry; being homeless or excluded from school; being at risk of neglect; or living with parents with health problems.

Our latest vulnerability report, published in 2019, told us about the numbers of children who are growing up in England with vulnerability and risks that could affect their lives, wellbeing and life chances.

We found that there are over 2 million children in England living in families with substantial complex needs, and that of these 1.6 million children have no established, recognized form of additional support. In addition there are multiple other forms of vulnerability, risk and need. We show the latest data on 70 aggregate groups that we will use to monitor trends, consider aggregate levels of need and frame our work to hear the views of children and young people.

Tackling the crisis of family homelessness

Growing up in a stable, healthy and secure home is so important for any child. Yet we know there are thousands of children in England who are living in homeless families, stuck in poor quality temporary accommodation, often with low prospects of finding something permanent. There are many others who are at risk of ending up homeless.

Our ‘Bleak houses’ report shines a light on this homelessness crisis and shares the experiences of some of those children.

UK Care and Secure Transport Services is dedicated to supporting young people through the difficult times they face. We are committed to delivering a professional service with emphasis on care & safety with the young people we interact with.

It can be difficult when dealing with young people in traumatic situations, however we at UK Care and Secure Transport Services have developed an in-depth bespoke training plan for all our team members.

Our Company Ethos is to ensure everyone including all service users are treated empathy and integrity at all times. We operate a professional service that will help you and your needs.

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