An Example of Empathy

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The writing below is a great typical example of a situation that is faced every single day.

When I think of empathy one situation comes to mind: I was nineteen years old and sitting on the bus that took me to college five days a week. I had memorized every single tree and the details of the houses the bus passed.

There was never anything unusual about that bus ride. Of course, a community bus has loads of different people, all types, going to different places with different lives and ambitions. It was never strange to see a person who needed assistance: a man or woman, for example, in a wheelchair. The driver always helped them on the bus and helped them off. Smiles were exchanged. Life moved on.

I caught a different bus one day, a longer route, with new things to look at but nothing was really different. I was still going to the same place surrounded by unique people.

The bus slowed to a halt and a man in a wheelchair slowly came down the aisle. I waited for the driver to attach the seat belt, as they always do, as they have been trained to do. But he just kept driving and this man was without a belt. I thought to myself: “I should get up and attach the belt…but would he be offended?” I am certain others felt the same. I looked back out the window. It was fall, amber leaves graced the ground.

The man pulled the string that told the driver to stop. The bus slowly came to a halt and I waited for the driver to help the man off. He did not. I watched his eyes look back, bored, waiting to move on. And the man? Well he tried and tried to get off, his chair backing into other seats. He never asked for help and nobody offered.

I watched with the rest of them until fury took over my mind and I stood up. I grabbed the handle’s of the chair and I helped him off. The driver waited for me to get back on but I waved him off.

This was my first, and not my last, example of empathy. Empathy, I realized, is a feeling derived from our own experiences. Our own pain and our success! The things that make us smile and the things that make us cry. Empathy is an instinctual trait but it is also acquired through experience.

The writing above is a great example of why we need to show more empathy. Now more than ever it is vital that we are Empathetic to people’s situations and circumstances. It is very easy to “look the other way” or judge someone based on labels and definitions but it is very rarely the correct thing to do.

At UK Care, we ensure that we treat EVERY person that is involved in our services with Empathy, dignity and respect. This is why wherever possible we will always Transport Vulnerable and Challenging People in a Comfortable Car in a Relaxing Environment, or when we are providing Secure Residential Services we will, wherever possible, provide these services in a Comfortable Home Type Setting rather than a Cold Heartless Room.

It is important to remember that, no matter what has happened in someones past, that everyone is a Human Being and have thoughts and feelings… a little bit of respect goes a long way.

If you would like to find out more about what makes UK Care different, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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